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 Metric Shoulder Screws
Slotted Head & Hex Socket Head (Broached)
Part Numbers: (MSCS236-1 thru MSCS629-20)  (MSCB236-1 thru MSCB629-20)


Shoulder Screws

 Metric Slotted Shoulder Screws  
  Select From These Metric Dimensions  
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Part Numbers

      Applicable Tolerances   6mm Diameter

MSCS236-1 - MSCS236-11

      Applicable Specs   7mm Diameter

MSCS275-1 - MSCS275-11

      Slotted / Threads   8mm Diameter

MSCS315-1 - MSCS315-29

      Socket Head / Threads  
10mm Diameter

MSCS393-1 - MSCS393-15

      All Technical Data   11mm Diameter

MSCS433-1 - MSCS433-18

      Worksheet Helper   13mm Diameter

MSCS511-1 - MSCS511-18

      Thread Locking Info   16mm Diameter

MSCS629-1 - MSCS629-20

      Conversion Chart    
      Standard Sh. Screws    

Metric Hex Socket Head (Broached) Shoulder Screws



Select From These Metric Dimensions  
  Select Size Part Numbers  
  6mm Diameter MSCB236-1 - MSCB236-11  
  7mm Diameter MSCB275-1 - MSCB275-11  
  8mm Diameter MSCB315-1 - MSCB315-29  
Hex Socket Head (Broached)
10mm Diameter MSCB393-1 -MSCB393-15  
  11mm Diameter MSCB433-1 -MSCB433-18  
  13mm Diameter MSCB511-1 -MSCB511-18  
  16mm Diameter MSCB629-1 -MSCB629-20  
  DIAMETER:  6mm / 7mm / 8mm / 10mm / 11mm / 13mm / 16mm
SHAPE:  Round
HEAD:  Slotted, Hex Socket Head (Broached)
SLOT:  Width: 1.2mm through 2.4mm / Depth: 1.6mm through 2.8mm
BROACH / Hex Socket Head:  2mm through 5mm across the flats
MATERIAL:  Stocked in Type 303 non- magnetic Stainless Steel, Brass and
Carbon Steel are available upon request
LENGTH:  Wide variety of lengths in 3mm up to 36mm
FINISH:  Standard Stainless Steel Shoulder Screws are not plated. Black Oxide or Passivate for Stainless Steel is available. Also available in 13 finishes for Brass and Carbon Steel - See Chart
THREAD:  M3 through M8 / External Thread- Class 6G / Thread Locking Products available
TOLERANCE:  Head Thickness and Thread Length ± .015  / Shoulder Width + .000 - .026 / Length ± .015
Diameter: Standard commercial bar stock tolerances

      We offer your firm engineering and design services for customized or modified parts, at no additional charge- please contact our Engineering Department.  Contact Us
      Shoulder Screws round, slotted / hex socket head (broached), 6mm thru 16mm, 1/4" thru 3/4"- Slot Width: .047 thru .094- Depth: , 1.2mm thru 2.4mm, .062 thru .109- Depth: 1.6mm thru 2.8mm- Hex Socket Head (broached) 2mm thru 5mm, 5/64" thru 1/4" across the flats- Lengths: 3mm thru 36mm, 1/8" thru 1.500.
      Unicorp Shoulder Screws stainless steel-not plated, black oxide, passivate for stainless steel, 13 finishes for brass and carbon. Stock in Type 303 stainless steel, brass & carbon steel upon request in lengths of 1/16 of an inch increments to eliminate the need for special orders.

  More Information on Thread Locking Products  
      Thread locking products can be applied by Unicorp to Male-Female Standoffs, Jack Screws, Male-Male Standoffs, Captive Panel Screws, Thumb Screws and Precision Shoulder Screws- this would also apply in some cases to Standoffs which are internally threaded.

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  Electronic Hardware, STANDOFFS, Male Female Standoffs, Spacer Standoffs, Male Male Standoffs, Swage Standoffs, Jack Screws, Handles, Captive Panel Screws, Retainers, Thumb Screws, Shoulder Screws, Insulating Washers, Cable Ties.