Standoffs, Spacers, Captive, Swage, Male/ Female, Handles, Thumb Screws, Shoulder Screws, Insulating Washers, Male/Male Standoffs, Cable Ties, Plastic Circuit Board Supports, Plastic Handles and Electronic Hardware. Electronic Hardware, Electronic Hardware, Handles, Standoffs and Spacers, Self Clinching Fasteners

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    Unicorp Electronic Hardware Components,
Fasteners & Handles e-Catalogs


        Standard e-Catalogs

  Metric e-Catalogs



         Standoffs - Threaded
                 (P101 thru P3008)
 Metric Standoffs - Threaded
       (MP101 thru MP3353)


         Spacers - Unthreaded Standoffs
                 (S101 thru S9125)
 Metric Spacers - Unthreaded
       (MS101 thru MS3101)


         Swage Standoffs & Spacers
                 (SS100 thru SS628-Threaded)
                 (SU101 thru SU481-Unthreaded)
 Metric Swage Standoffs & Spacers
       (MSS100 thru MSS1071-Threaded)
       (MSU100 thru MSU720- Unthreaded)


         Punch & Anvil- Swaging Tools
                 (Punch UP1 thru UP5)
                 (AN100 thru AN630)
 Metric Punch & Anvil- Swaging Tools
       (Punch UP1 thru UP5)
       (Anvil AN640 thru AN1110)


         Male-Female Standoffs
                 (1101 thru 1948)
 Metric Male-Female Standoffs
       (MMF1101 thru MMF2961)


         Hex Jack Screws Standoffs
                 (JAX101 thru JAX110)
 Metric Hex Jack Screws Standoffs
       (MJAX101 thru MJAX210)


         Male-Male Standoffs
                 (MM1101 thru MM2026)
 Metric Male-Male Standoffs
       (MMX1101 thru MMX1898)


         Captive Panel Hardware
                 (4001 thru 4486)
                 (40R01 thru 46R15)
                 (RN1 thru RN8) (RS1 thru RS8)
                 (SP1 thru SP2)  (PW431 thru PW435)
 Metric Captive Panel Hardware
       (M4001 thru M4528)
       (M40R01 thru M46R24)
       (MRN1 thru MRN7) (MRS1 thru MRS7)
       (MSP1 thru MSP2)  (MPW431 thru MPW436)


         Insulating Washers
                 (WS1001 thru WS1970)
                 (WF3001 thru WF3849)
 Metric Insulating Washers
       (MWS1001 thru MWS1636)
       (MWF3001 thru MWF3595)


         Thumb Screws
                 (THS1001 thru THS4072)
 Metric Thumb Screws
       (MTHS1001 thru MTHS4084)


         Thumb Nuts
                 (THN5001 thru THN5018)
 Metric Thumb Nuts
       (MTHN5001 thru MTHN5014)


         Handles & Ferrules
                 (A1011 thru X1288)
                 (ED101 thru EF160)
                 (10-101 thru 14- 27)
 Metric Handles & Ferrules
       (MA1002 thru MX1288)
       (MED101 thru MEF160)
       (M10-101 thru M14- 27)


         Shoulder Screws
                 (SCS250-1 thru SCS750-8)
                 (SCB250-1 thru SCB750-8)
                 (SCTX250-1 thru SCTX750-6)
                 (SCPH250-1 thru SCPH750-6)
 Metric Shoulder Screws
       (MSCS236-1 thru MSCS629-20)
       (MSCB236-1 thru MSCB629-20)


         Dowel Pins
                 (DP188-015-250 thru DPE303-500-1.000)
 Metric Dowel Pins
       (MDP416-2MM-5 thru MDPB303-12MM-50)


         Cable Ties
                 (UN4-18 thru UN16-120-MH)


                   Cable Tie Combo-Packs
                      (UNFL- 500 thru UNBL- 500)


                   Adhesive Back Mounting Bases
                      (UNAM- 50 thru UNAM- 200)


                   Cable Tie Tensioning Tools
                      (UN- 100 thru UN- 300)
                       (UN- 400P & UN- 400M)


                   Flexible Polyolefin Tubing
                      (UNP- 221 thru UNP- 212)

Self Clinching Fasteners e-Catalogs



         Captive Panel Screws and Hardware
                 (F10-U,  N10-U,  PR10-U,  PS10-U,  PF30-U,  PF31-U,  PF32-U,  PF50-U thru PF62L-U,
                 PF50M-U thru PF62M-U,  PFC2-U,  PFS2-U,  PFC2P-U,  PFC2PM-U,  PFC4-U,  PFC4M-U,
                 PFHV-U,  PSL2-U,  PTL2-U,  SCB-U,  SCBJ-U,  SCBR-U)


         Fasteners for Mounting into PC Boards
                 (KF2-U,  KFS2-U,  KFB3-U,  KFE-U,  KFSE-U,  KFH-U,  KSSB-U,  PFK-U,  SMTPR-U,
                 SMTSO-U,  SMTSO-U)


         Miniature Series
                 (TKA-U, TK4-U,  MSI-U,  MPP-U,  MSO4-U,  SMTSO-U)


         Nuts for Sheet Metal
                 (AS-U,  AC-U,  A4-U,  B-U,  BS-U,  CFN-U,  PL-U,  PLC-U,  F-U,  H-U,  HN-U,  HNL-U,  KN-U,
                 LAS-U,  LAC-U,  LA4-U,  LK-U,  LKS-U,  LKA-U,  PL-U,  S-U,  SS-U,  CLS-U,  CLSS-U,  SP-U,
                 CLA-U,  SFN-U,  SL-U,  SMPS-U,  U-U,  UL-U,  FE-U,  FEO-U,  FEOX-U,  FEX-U)


         Sheet to Sheet Attachment


         Standoffs for Sheet Metal
                 (BSO-U,  CSS-U,  DSO-U,  MSS-U,  SKC-U,  SO-U,  SO-UN-U,  SOSG-U,  SSS-U,  TSO-U)


         Studs and Pins for Sheet Metal
                 (CHA-U,  FH-U,  FH-UN-U,  FHL-U,  HFE-U,  HFH-U,  HTSS-U,  SCS-U,  TFH-U, 
                 TFHE-U,  TPS-U,  TPXS-U)


         Weld Nuts
                 (WN-U, WNS-U)
        NAS / MS Hardware & Fasteners e-Catalogs


                 (NA0201, NA0202, NA0203, NA0204, NA0211, NA0212, NA0213, NA0221, NA0222, NA0223,
                 NA0224, NAS1129, NAS1829, NAS1830, NAS1831


                 (NA0175, NA0176, NA0177, NA0180, NA0181, NA0182, NA0183, NA0190, NA0191, NA0192,
                 NA0193, NA0231, NA0232, NA0233, NAS42, NAS43, NAS47, NAS61, NAS186, NAS1056,


         Self-Clinching Standoffs
                 (NAS1129, NASM45938 / 1, NASM45938 / 4, NASM45938 / 7, NASM45938 / 10
                 NASM45938 / 11, NASM45938 / 12, NASM63540 / 1, NASM63540 / 4, NASM63540 / 7)


                 (NASM39087 (formerly MS39087))


         Shoulder Screws
                 (NASM21472, NASM51575, NASM51576, NASM51975)


         Thumb Screws


                 (NAS549, NAS620, NAS1149, NAS1252, NASM970, NASM14151, NASM15795)


         Cable Ties
                 (M23053, MS3367, MS3368)


         Dowel Pins


         Cap Screws


         Set Screws
                 (MS51021, MS51023)


         Machine Screws
                 (MS24693, MS51957, MS51958)


                 (NAS75, NAS76, NAS537, NAS538)


                 (NAS1453, NAS1723, NAS1788)



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UNICORP is a leader in manufacturing stock and custom
electronic hardware, handles and precision fasteners used by leading companies
in nearly every industry since 1971.

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