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  Metric Thumb Nuts
Technical / Engineering Data
 Metric Thumb Nuts      Metric e-Catalog
Material / Shape Selection
  MATERIALS Choose & write down your material code.
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  Brass M01 M03

 QQ-B- 626 b, Comp. 22 1/2 Hard

  Aluminum M04 M06  QQ-A- 225A, Comp. 2, T-3
  Stainless Steel M07 M09  ASTM-A-581, ASTM-A-582,
 QQ-S- 763, Class 303,
 Cond. A
  CarbonSteel M10 M12  QQ-S- 633, Class 2

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Plating Selection
Plating For THUMB NUTS Available On These Materials:
Brass,  Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel

Choose & write down your plating code.
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 Anodize (Sulphuric) Dichromate Seal,

F01 Aluminum

Mil-A- 8625F, Type 2

 Anodize (Sulphuric) Hot Water Seal,

F02 Aluminum Mil-A- 8625F, Type 2, Class 1

 Anodize- (Chromic) Hot Water Seal,
 Dark Gray

F03 Aluminum

Mil-A- 8625F, Type 1

 Anodize- Black

F04 Aluminum

Mil-A- 8625F,  Black
Type 2, Class 2

 Cadmium Plate, Clear Chromate

F05 Brass, Carbon Steel QQ-P- 416, Class 2, Type 2

 Cadmium Plate, Commercial

F05a Brass, Carbon Steel

 Cadmium Plate, Gold Chromate

F06 Brass, Carbon Steel

QQ-P- 416, Class 2, Type 2

 Cadmium Plate, Olive Drab

F06a Brass, Carbon Steel

QQ-P- 416, Type 2, Class 3

 Nickel Plate

F07 Brass, Carbon Steel

QQ-N- 290A, Class 1, Grade F

 Chromium Plate (Bright)

F08 Brass, Carbon Steel QQ-C- 320B, Class 1, Type 1

 Chromium Plate, Engineering

F08a Brass, Carbon Steel QQ-C- 320B, Class 1, Type 2

 Chromium Plate Over Nickel Plate

F08c Brass, Carbon Steel

Mil-QQ-C- 320,
Over-Mil-QQ-N- 290


F09 Stainless Steel

Mil-F- 14072E (EL) E 300

 Iridite, Clear

F12 Aluminum Mil-C- 5541E
Mil-DTL- 5541F

 Iridite, Gold #14

F13 Aluminum Mil-C- 5541E
Mil-DTL- 5541F

 Alodine 1200

F13a Aluminum

 Black Oxide, Brass

F14 Brass

Mil-F- 495C

 Black Oxide, Stainless Steel

F15 Stainless Steel Mil-C- 13924A, Class 3

 No Finish
 *even if there is no finish- this
 code must be included in part #

F16 Brass, Aluminum,
Stainless Steel,
Carbon Steel

 Zinc Plate .0002 Thick, Clear Chromate

F21 Brass, Carbon Steel ASTM-B- 633, Type 1

 Zinc Plate .0002 Thick, Yellow/Green

F21a Brass, Carbon Steel

ASTM-B- 633, Type 2,
(Color Chromate)

 Zinc Plate .0002 Thick, Olive Drab

F21c Brass, Carbon Steel

ASTM-B- 633, Type 2,
(Color Chromate)

 For Modified Parts or Engineering Assistance:
Unicorp offers your firm engineering and design services for customized or
modified parts at no additional charge. Please call our Engineering Department.
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