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     Example of complete part #:  (THS2030- S- M04- F16- PH)  **RoHS code no longer needed

2000 Series

 Follow steps, write down your numbers & codes
THS2030 Step 1  Select size   & select part number
 (specifies head style, diameter, dimensions, thread size)
S Optional  Add "S" for slotted head
M04 Step 2  Select material 
F16 Step 3  Select plating    *if no plating is required, please use NO Plating code
PH Optional  Add thread locking code    place at end 

Worksheet Printout
Print and keep track of your part numbers, materials, and finishes, etc...

Diameter, Length
& Threads
Step 1
Part Number
Slotted Code
Step 2
Material & Shape
Step 3
Plating Code
Thread Locking










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