UNICORP Electronic Hardware Manufacturer Since 1971
Standard & Oddball Sizes  •  In- Between Lengths
In American Standard & Metric
Physical Address:  291 Cleveland St,  Orange,  New Jersey  07050
Postal Address:  P.O. Box 280,  Orange,  New Jersey  07051-0280
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 • American Standard
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 • American Standard
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 • American Standard
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 • American Standard
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 • American Standard
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 • American Standard
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 • American Standard
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 • American Standard
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 • American Standard
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 • Combo-Packs
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Unicorp Electronic Hardware Components,
Fasteners & Handles

Unicorp is a Leading Manufacturer
In Stock & Custom, Metric & American Standard Sizes

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Threaded Standoffs

(Unthreaded Standoffs)

Swage-Rivet Standoffs

Male-Female Standoffs


Hex Jack Screws

Male-Male Standoffs

Captive Panel Screws
& Retainers

Insulating Washers

Thumb Screws

Thumb Nuts


Shoulder Screws


Cable Ties & More

Hardware & Fasteners

Unicorp is a Leading Manufacturer Since 1971
  • In House Plating
• Excellent Pricing
• Personal Service
• Same Day Shipping from Stock
• Huge Inventory
• Custom Machining Available
• Oddball Diameters
• Hard to Find Sizes
• Quick Quotes
• Huge Product Line
• Large Selection Of Protective
   &  Decorative Finishes
  • Small Minimum Orders
• Friendly Service
• Best in Quality
• Best in Reliability
• Best in Customer Satisfaction
• Wide Variety Of Materials
• 23 Catalogs Available Online
• Oddball Diameters
• Hard to Find Sizes
• Quick Quotes
• Huge Product Line
• In - Between Lengths
We Ship Our Products To Companies All Around The World
Why Buy Unicorp Electronic Hardware?
  • We are the "Nice Guys" in the Business
• Specializing in Oddball Diameters & Lengths
• Excellent Support from Manufacturers Reps
• Quick Turn-Around on Stock & Plated Parts
• Available in Standard & Metric Dimensions
• Large Quantity Discounts

• Excellent Support for OEM's and Distributors
• Manufacturing to Precise Specifications
• Highest Standards of Customer Service
• Unicorp Can Cross Any Manufacturer's Part Number
 Quick Cross
• Same Day Shipping From Stock Stock  &  Custom Modified Products with Small Minimums
• Our Capabilities are Tailored to Meet the Demands of Your Project

        Unicorp offers  Electronic Hardware:  Standoffs,  Spacers,  Male-Female Standoffs,  Swage Standoffs,  Jack Screws,  Male-Male Standoffs,  Captive Panel Screws,  Retainers & Springs,  Thumb Screws,  Thumb Nuts,  Precision Shoulder Screws,  Insulating Washers,  Swaging Tools (Punch & Anvil),  Cable Ties,  Plastic Circuit Board Supports in the Widest Selection American Standard (SAE) & Metric Sizes.

Unicorp offers  24 styles of Handles:  Decorative, Functional, Folding,  Fixed,  Rack / Panel  &  Ferrules. Unicorp Electronic Hardware  &  Fasteners are sold throughout the United States,  North America and the World.

Unicorp offers Self Clinching Fasteners:  Nuts For Sheet Metal, Studs and Pins For Sheet Metal, Standoffs For Sheet Metal, Captive Panel Screws & Hardware, Fasteners for Mounting into PC Boards, Weld Nuts, Miniature Series, Cable Tie Hooks & Mounts, Sheet to Sheet Attachment.

Unicorp offers NAS / MS Hardware & Fasteners:  Standoffs,  Spacers,  Self Clinching Standoffs,  Handles,  Shoulder Screws, Thumb Screws, Washers,  Cable Ties, Dowel Pins, Cap Screws, Set Screws, Machine Screws, Bushings, Eyelets, Rods.
Worldwide    U.S. & Canada

Industries That Use Unicorp Parts In Their Products  
  • Telecommunications
• Medical • Surgical Instruments
• Medical Carts
• Military • Defense
• Government
• Automobile • Hydraulic valves
• Aerospace
• Alternative Energy
• Computer
• PCB mounting
• PC/104 Modules
• Industrial Equipment
• Robotic
• Animatronics • Miniature Motors
• Electronic
• Security
• Camera Systems • Microscopes
• Power Supplies & Conditioning
• Fuel Distribution
• Circuit Board Assembly
• Marine
• Entertainment
• Custom Screw Machine Hardware
• Control Enclosures (NEMA type)
• Integration Systems
• Airline - Aircraft
• Slot Machines
• Instrumentation
• Power Enclosures
• Vending Machine
• Racing
• Signs
• Food Supply
• Furniture
• Commercial
• Musical Instruments
• Remote Controls
• Turnbuckles
• Outdoor Climbing
• Sirens
• Archery
• Firearms
• Ski
• Snow Board Equipment
• Fabrication • Molds • Dies
• Construction
• Custom Enclosures
• Electronic Enclosures
• Equipment Manufacturing
• Wire and Cable
• Exhibits
• Knife Manufacturing
• Contract Equipment Manufacturing  (CEM)
• & Many Other Industries
RAPID TURNAROUND: Small Quantities In a Hurry
  We operate our own full service, environmentally safe manufacturing & plating facility. Unicorp complies with the EPA, OSHA, REACH, NJDEP - RoHS & DFARS.  Contact Us for pricing, delivery or assistance with special designs or engineering or for your local Manufacturer's Rep.

We provide engineers, designers and buyers with top-quality Electronic Hardware and fastener products manufactured with precision & no special order. Our Electronic Hardware is delivered, inspected, plated if required, installation ready in the material, size, style & finish that's perfect for your application. We supply custom products with small minimums at competitive pricing with no extra charge for technical assistance or development. Easily cross reference with any competitor's part number or major manufacturer's part number Quick Cross.

UNICORP Electronic Hardware & Fastener Complete Product Line

  • Standoffs
• Spacers Standoffs
• Swage / Rivet Standoffs
• Swaging Tools (Punch & Anvil)
• Male-Female Standoffs
• Hex Jack Screws Standoffs
• Male-Male Standoffs
• Captive Panel Screws, Retainers, Springs
• Insulating Washers / Flat & Shoulder
• Thumb Screws & Thumb Nuts
• Handles, Pulls, Slanted, Folding, Fixed, Extruded, Bar & More, Ferrules
• Precision Shoulder Screws / Slotted & Hex Socket Head (Broached)
• Cable Ties • Cable Tie Mounting Bases • Flexible Tubing, Tensioning Tools
• Plastic Circuit Board Supports • Self Clinching Fasteners • Pins • NAS / MS Hardware & Fasteners

RoHS Compliance Statement
Conflict-Free Minerals Statement
R.E.A.C.H. Statement

SIC Code#  3429
NAICS Code#  332510
FSCM Cage# 04729
(Federal Supply Code#)

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UNICORP is a leader in manufacturing stock and custom electronic hardware,
handles and precision fasteners used by leading companies in nearly every industry since 1971.

UNICORP Physical Address:  291 Cleveland St,  Orange,  New Jersey  07050  USA
Postal Address:  P.O. Box 280,  Orange,  New Jersey  07051-0280  USA

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Electronic Hardware, STANDOFFS:(Male-Female, Spacers, Male-Male, Standoffs, Swage, Jack Screws), HANDLES:(Folding/Fixed, Rack/Panel), Captive Panel Screws, Retainers, Thumb Screws, Precion Shoulder Screws, Insulating Washers, Cable Ties, Plastic Circuit Board Supports, Plastic Handles, Swaging Tools.